• Today, CollegeWood stepped up BIG time.
  • We went around town for the last few video clips, and went on a selling spree.
  • At Foxhill Apartments we sold one set of JMU letters, and talked to the Property Manager for over an hour. Through our persuasive ways, we actually garnered an additional sale- a preorder of $200.
  • The $200 is split up with letters: (&) (FOXHILL) and an engraving with letters: (...A Winning Combination!!!)
  • Then we sold another set of JMU letter
  • And, collected a preorder for Adam's family business, with letters: (SERVING THE COMMUNITY SINCE 1866)
  • Lastly, Nick requested a preorder of letters: (NCSU) and a monogram
  • Total inflow for the day = $600
  • I'd call that... Success. 

As of 6:57 pm, the class chart rests at:

Chart 657

Looking good, CollegeWood!

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