Game Day - JMU vs. GSU (Homecoming) - 10/28/2012

  • On October 27th, Nick, Nash, and Adam headed out to the tailgates, armed with 3 fresh sets of JMU letters. There was one problem... with Nash's astonishing salesmanship, the letters sold out in a matter of minutes.
  • Nick ran to the Outpost and grabbed 5 more sets, then met up at a new location.
  • They sold like hotcakes!
  • Adam turns out another 4 sets, Nick eats, and Nash sleeps.
  • Adam and Nick run to the game at the end of the 4th quarter. No bites.....
  • We then walk to the tents, getting warm, warmer, done!
  • Total Revenue for October 27th - $380

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