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    The BIG day

    December 6, 2012 by CollegeWood
    • Today, CollegeWood stepped up BIG time.
    • We went around town for the last few video clips, and went on a selling spree.
    • At Foxhill Apartments we sold one set of JMU letters, and talked to the Property Manager for over an hour. Through our persuasive ways, we actually garnered an additional sale- a preorder of $200.
    • The $200 is split up with letters: (&) (FOXHILL) and an engraving with letters: (...A Winning Combination!!!)
    • Then we sold another set of JMU letter
    • And, collected a preorder for Adam's family business, with letters: (SERVING THE COMMUNITY SINCE 1866)
    • Lastly, Nick requested a preorder of letters: (NCSU) and a monogram
    • Total inflow for the day = $600
    • I'd call that... Success. 

    As of 6:57 pm, the class chart rests at:

    Looking good, CollegeWo…

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  • CollegeWood

    Letter to sororities

    December 5, 2012 by CollegeWood

    Good evening,

    My name is Nick Wathan and I am contacting you in regards to the promotion of my Entrepreneurship 372 project. While studying in the College of Business at James Madison University, I have been given the opportunity to create a business: CollegeWood. We specialize in the creation and sale of Greek letters along with other various items. At this point, we have our products available and would like to come speak to your sorority. We understand the time constraints and prior agenda planning involved, but we would be very grateful for a few minutes of your sorority’s time to make an announcement about the availability of Greek letters.  Our letters are 12 inches tall, made from quality material, and are primed white, ready to enti…

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    Pics 4 days

    December 3, 2012 by CollegeWood
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  • CollegeWood

    Dealing with Suppliers

    December 3, 2012 by CollegeWood

    This documents the majority of our email conversations with our main supplier: Doug Lantz

    Hey Doug,We need 2 additional Sigma and 2 Gammas. *1 heart

    • 2 Iota
    • 1 letter B
    • 1 letter C
    • 1 Letter I
    • 1 letter O
    • 1 letter U
    • And one of each monogram
    • And 6 sets JMU- Please use previous order font for the "U"

    Thanks again,  Nash Cook(703)-589-5417James Madison UniversityBusiness Management  Good Evening,   Hello Doug, we have attached a folder with the new set of new letters we are planning to order, vectored and ready to go. If at all possible we would like to come in to your office tomorrow to discuss a few things. We are available anytime after 12 noon tomorrow, if you are available, please let us know if there is a convenient time for us to stop by?  Thank you …

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  • CollegeWood


    December 2, 2012 by CollegeWood

    Today, CollegeWood visited the fraternity: Delta Upsilon. 

    We sold 4 sets of letters for a total revenue of $80.

    We also delivered a wonderful presentation, in hopes to receive more orders, which we did. 

    New orders total 5 for Delta Upsilon, bringing in an additional preorder revenue of $100. 

    We also took a preorder for a returning customer for JMU letters, but he requested Birch wood, which is still on order. 

    We are selling quite a bit, on preorders, but our major issue at the moment is the Birch wood delivery. Once it arrives, we can start pushing the monograms at $20 unit price.

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